Customer wearing a bike helmet, walking her bike towards the ttc bus with a bus rack.

The TTC is committed to improving the integration of cycling and transit in Toronto. We continue to undertake bicycle initiatives to encourage customers to make cycling a part of their transit journey.

The TTC is working in collaboration with the City of Toronto to meet our shared vision of a more bicycle friendly city as outlined in the Toronto Bike Plan This is an external link and will open in a new window.. Some features include:

  • Bicycle parking at/near subway stations
  • Accommodation of bicycles on TTC vehicles 
  • Bicycle access/amenities at subway stations

Whether you’re cycling as part of your commute or for recreational purposes, plan your multi-modal trip by checking to see what bicycle accommodation are available on your route.


Nearly all subway stations have bicycle parking (post-and-ring and/or multi-bicycle racks) on-site or close by.

Taking your bike on TTC Vehicles

All TTC buses (except Wheel-Trans and Community Buses) have bike racks so that you can bring your bike with you on your journey.

Bike access and amenities

We’re improving accessibility and adding amenities at TTC subway stations, making it easier to cycle as part of your journey.