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Greenwood Station – Accessibility

Preliminary Investigative work at (NW corner) of Strathmore Blvd. and Linnsmore Cres.

Work will begin as early as Friday, September 10, 2021 for approximately a month (*weather pending, content / timeline accurate at time of printing/posting)

What we are doing and why

The TTC’s Easier Access Program is making subway stations accessible. The TTC will be conducting preliminary investigative work in preparation for the upcoming elevator project that will make Greenwood Station accessible.

Elevator construction is currently expected to begin as early as Fall 2021. A pre-construction presentation has been posted online (September 2021) here: 

Project work will include a barrier-free path from the main entrance to all levels of the station including installation of:

  • Two elevators to access eastbound and westbound platforms
  • Automatic sliding station entry doors
  • Improved signage
  • CCTV – Security cameras along the accessible pathway
  • Public art installation as a part of the TTC Public Art Program

Preliminary investigative work (surveying followed by borehole work) will begin as early as Friday, September 10, 2021 (close to 16 Linnsmore Cres. and on TTC/City Property):

  • Survey work will begin as early as Friday, September 10, 2021. Surveyors will review the area and place surveying markers at property corners (at 16 Linnsmore Cres. and on TTC/City ROW).
  • Prior to elevator construction, borehole tests are required (work will begin as early as the week of September 13, 2021) for approximately a month (depending on underground site conditions, weather and work resources). Boreholes obtain information from the underground soil and groundwater conditions within the vicinity of the future elevator location. Test pits will be carried out to determine the location of services buried underground. The information obtained will inform the design of future underground structures.
  • Small work zones will be set up within the City right-of-way close to 16 Linnsmore Cres.
  • Construction crews and trucks/vacuuming equipment will be present.
  • During the day, some construction noise is expected.
  • Pedestrian and local traffic detours will be in place, when required.
  • No impact to TTC buses or subway service.

Noise, vibration and work hours:

Noise, dust and vibration associated with construction can be expected with this work. Efforts will be made to keep levels to a minimum.

The majority of work will take place between Monday to Friday, 7 a.m. and 7 p.m.

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For further information

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